What We Do

Starting with dildos and eventually penetratables, plugs, and even gear. We focus on both human and fantasy sculpts. Specializing in highly detailed designs to maximize both attraction and be functionally pleasureable.

From tiny to HUGE. Our toys come scaled for any sized hole and we strive to ensure our designs are fully functional for most scenarios so you'll want to use them all night long!

Our Material

Because we want to bring the best feeling along with the safest experience, we only work with 100% platinum cure silicone. Not only is it body safe, it's also very resilient.

Our material, provided by Smooth-On is non porous and incredibly easy to clean and store. You can even store them with other brands that also work with platinum cure silicone.

Designed by US

Being designed and sculpted by silicone toy enthusiast, we have the experience and passion to create toys that are truly one of a kind. Our characters, our master copies, our molds and even our artwork are all designed in house with the toy enthusiast community in mind.

We absolutely love the greater toy community and while most characters we will create, we even sometimes do community led voting for upcoming designs. Regardless what the design is, we will always do our part to make it hot.

Experienced by YOU

Experience is important to us as we have been customers before many times and it's one of the main reasons why we take so much pride in our toys and what we offer.

We promise to provide you with top-of-the-line creations, colors that will leave you in awe, and with pleasure that you wont want to stop.