Custom Dildo Ordering Process

What to expect.


Wanting a custom toy? Here is the breakdown on how to be sure you’re getting the exact toy you’re looking for!

There are two different means of ordering a custom toy; ordering a black color or standard configuration color (Buy Now) or if you want to customize the toy, where you can change the color, pour style, size, firmness, etc (Custom Dildos and Custom Add-ons). Custom ordered toys are subject to some differences when it comes to ordering, manufacturing time, and even prices.

Pricing varies depending on coloration, pour style, sizing, firmness, and model. Our “Buy Now” page is the fast track into getting a custom toy you want, and will reflect the same price as In-stock toys we drop periodically on the site of the same configurations. Our “Custom Dildos” and “Custom Add-ons” are what you’re looking for if you want a truly customizable toy, however, it does incur a small price increase of 5-10% on the base model, and of course any Custom Add-ons you wish to add will change the price accordingly.

Manufacturing Time:
Our goal is to ensure every custom order is made accurately, promptly, and at that artisanal quality All Night Toys is known for. To ensure we meet these goals, and create a toy that is to your expectation, we give a blanket manufacturing time of around time of 2-3 weeks. Typically we’re able to finish and ship your order sooner, but we do not want to sour expectations if your toy needs a bit more time to make just right.   All wait times / manufacturing times given are just an estimate, never a guarantee, and are subject to change (especially during holiday seasons). If you have any concerns with your order we welcome you to reach out to us . Provide us with your order number and let us know your concern, we’re eager to make sure your experience is always a good one!

Custom Colorations:
We strive to create an experience that meets expectations, which is why we offer in-depth customizable options for your custom order. However, there is a level of variance that can occur with colors, styles, models, etc, despite us trying our best to capture the exact look you want. We will do our best to inform you of any concerns or recommendations based on your request, but please understand that we do allow variance in our custom toys. 

Ordering Process:
We try our best to make the custom ordering process as easy as possible. For more information on the custom ordering process, please continue down this list for more information!

If you have any suggestions on how we can make this process easier for you, please reach out and let us know via e-mail at

1. Selecting a model and size.


Before getting started with configuration, you want to be sure you pick the right size! Otherwise, that fantasy / experience you’re looking for might be bigger, or smaller, than expected.

Head over to the "Meet Our Characters" page and get familiar with the model and the sizes of the model that you're interested in. Check out our “Dimensions in Inches” or “Dimensions in Centimeters” on the pop-out menu within the Character page you are viewing. 

Once you know which model and size you want, head over to the "Custom Dildos" collection and find the model and size you have in mind. Don't add it to your cart just yet! Check out the details in step #2.

2. Attachment hole and firmness.


Once you've found the model and size you want to order. You're going to have a few options to select while adding it to your cart. You can find these options in the "Custom Toy Add-On's" collection.

There are 3 firmnesses we offer. If you're ordering a custom from us, the default is Soft Firmness. If you would like either Medium or Firm, you will have to purchase it from the "Custom Toy Add-On's" separately.

Soft (00-30 on the ShoreOO scale)

Medium (00-50 on the ShoreOO scale)

Firm (A10 on the ShoreA scale)

We would recommend either Soft or Medium firmness.

Attachment Hole:

Yes = Your toy will come with an attachment hole

No = Your toy will not come with an attachment hole

What is an attachment hole?

Attachment holes make our toys applicable with vac-u-lock attachments. Whether that is a harness, a suction cup base, or a VUL adapter to a fucking machine. If you choose yes, your toy will certainly come with an attachment hole!

NOTE! We do not offer Attachment Holes for Small or Medium sized dildos.

Once you've selected your firmness and if you would like an attachment hole or not, proceed to step #3!

(Updated!) 3. Color and pour styles.


All toys ordered through Custom Dildos start with one base color free of charge! Purple, Pink, Red, Orange or even Black. All toys ordered from Buy Now will default to black at no charge, or for a small charge, pick the standard configuration we made for the toy/character which fits their unique theme and color! 

Before you put the custom toy in your cart through Custom Dildos, you will see an option to select a color. Once in your cart, you will be able to clarify what you would like via the Special Instructions / Order Notes section in the cart. 

If you only want that one color, select the color, or add your notes, place that toy in your cart and check out like normal! Your toy is officially ordered!


We understand some of you will want something a little more custom, more personalized.

If you would like a special coloration and pour style, head over to our "Custom Dildo Add-Ons" section, after adding the toy you want to customize to your cart, and take a look at what we currently offer.

Be sure to read the details and check out the pictures of the pour style you're thinking about. Once you've decided on a pour style, add it to your cart alongside your toy and checkout like normal.

(UPDATED) If we see a special pour style, or a special firmness added to your order with additional notes for a specific color, you can either reach out to us directly to confirm your coloration, or we will reach out to you directly via e-mail before pouring to confirm we have the details correct.

We will not reach out unless there are additional notes included on your order, or you ordered a pour style that requires additional color information.

If we are unable to get ahold of you via e-mail after we send you an e-mail about your order within 5 days, we will cancel and refund your order.

Contact E-mail:

Once payment is processed and you receive an email from us confirming your order, you’re good! Just kick back, relax, and we will be hard at work in making your custom toy and shipping it promptly over to you!

If you don't see the pour style you were hoping for listed, that means we unfortunately do not currently offer it.

Cancellations / Changes to Your Order / Refunds & Returns


Please read the details below. If you need assistance with your order, please reach out to us via e-mail.


Want to cancel your order? No problem! Cancellations made within 24 hours, or before we reach out to you to confirm your custom coloration, will always be honored.

Cancellations made after 24 hours may be subject to a restocking fee of 50% of the cost of the order if manufacturing has already started.

Changes to Your Order:
Changes can be made to your order within 24 hours after placing your order. Changes to orders after 24 hours may be subject to a 50% restocking fee if we've already begun manufacturing your toy.

Refunds & Returns:
Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns.

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your toy before taking it out of its sealed packaging. If you notice that we've made a mistake with your order, there is an issue with your toy, or you've received the wrong package, reach out to us within 72 hours after receiving your order via e-mail and let us know! We will absolutely work with you on correcting the issue at hand. If we are contacted after 72 hours of you receiving your order, we may not be able to honor a refund or correction.

Examples of Custom Dildos

Small Tuna Can Jerry

Soft Firmness, poured in a glow in the dark green, teal and purple, 3 color fine marble.

Medium Vein

Medium firmness, poured in our special "Moonworm" coloration. A black and white striped pour with glow in the dark green run down.

Large Trotter

Soft firmness, poured in a shimmery pearl white and shimmery bubblegum pink color split.