You all know em and we all love em! Tuna Can Jerry and Trotter.

Well, they are getting their very own Collectible Stickers!  

These are quite larger than our normal stickers.

TCJ's Elbow Grease - 4" x 2.1" - Brushed Alloy / Glossy

Trotter All Night Pony - 4" x 4" - Vinyl / Glossy

They are going to go fast! We only have 50 up for grabs so make sure you get 'em while you can! 

These are limited releases so once they are gone they're gone and are never coming back!

Meet Calypso, the Huntress!

Feast your eyes on Calypso, our 1st female character and Penetrable! We have been working tirelessly to bring Calypso into reality, and are incredibly excited to see what you all think!

You gaze upon a gorgeous figure, entranced by her hips cradling side-to-side as she saunters towards you. Confidence and warmth radiates from her, your heart skips as your lust begins to pulse. You’re fixated, ravenous, mind racing with what will happen next.

Her hand effortlessly glides under your chin, gently closing your awestruck mouth.   

Calypso Dimensions:
Total Length (Usable): 7.5" Tall

Circumference Around Buttocks: 13" / 4" Diameter
Circumference Around Waist: 10.25" / 2.8" Diameter
Circumference Around Bottom (Rib Cage): 10.75" / 3.25" Diameter

Entrance Circumference: 3.25" / 1.1" Diameter

Tightness: Medium/Loose

Lean back, let Calypso take control…