Lucien Natural Color Update

And DAMN, does he look even better.

Lucien's shaft originally used a combination of colors to make a special blend of "Blood Red" that also had the tiniest bit of shimmer added. However, due to us needing to mix a custom color, the shades of red and shimmer had a very slight variance after mixing up each new batch of Luciens shaft color.

Well, that is NO MORE!

We've worked with our pigment supplier and got his color sorted. Lucien's ordered after 03/06/2024 will now feature an up to date "Blood Red" shaft. The new Blood Red is a mica pigment!

This will ensure every Lucien shaft is exactly the same color and has the same level of shimmer!

We will be updating character page product photos over time.


You all know em and we all love em! Tuna Can Jerry and Trotter.

Well, they are getting their very own Collectible Stickers!  

These are quite larger than our normal stickers.

TCJ's Elbow Grease - 4" x 2.1" - Brushed Alloy / Glossy

Trotter All Night Pony - 4" x 4" - Vinyl / Glossy

They are going to go fast! We only have 50 up for grabs so make sure you get 'em while you can! 

These are limited releases so once they are gone they're gone and are never coming back!